Refusals to respond to opra requests create a vicious cycle

Recently, I have come to represent Harry Scheeler, operator of the website, which tracks the goings-on in Galloway Township.  Galloway has had a consideration amount of personnel turmoil over the past few months.  Among the scandals were firing the Clerk when she made an OPRA request to the Board of Elections about the engineering contract for the voting district maps and employees getting “comp time” for eating lunch at their desk. Aside from this waste, Galloway stopped answering OPRA requests.  This got people interested in “why” they stopped answering OPRA requests – which then begot even more OPRA requests.  The case I am involved in settled, but this is classic example of how government makes problems for itself. By being unresponsive to a few, even more people began to demand information to find out what is going on.  The government has created more clients for me by treating people poorly than I have ever could have developed on my own.  The Press of Atlantic City wrote about the Scheeler vs. Galloway case:Press of Atlantic City article about Galloway suit published 4-12-12

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