OPRA: Is Atlantic City using a “standard form” denial?

Followers of these posts know I file a fair amount of Open Public Records Act cases.  Recently, I filed my first case EVER against Atlantic City.  This seems odd to a lot of people, possibly even the judge that handled the case, because Atlantic City is known for its “creative” political machinations.  Such situations usually result in OPRA cases when the government does not want you to see the records.  My client was not looking into some scandal however; she just sought records relating to the police shooting a deer in the City that had been living peaceful in the other island communities.  Her request for the police report and related records were denied. While my client ultimately received the relevant records, Judge Nelson Johnson spent a fair amount of energy focusing on whether the City was using a “standard form” for OPRA denials.  The City denied it.  Has anyone else received an OPRA denial from Atlantic City worded like this:  Atlantic City OPRA Denial ?  It lacks all specificity required when access is denied and does not even delineate what records they have but are not turning over.  Remember even if you are validly denied access, you still have to be told what records are not being turned over and why.  Many government bodies ignore that requirement.

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