The Dangers of “Saying Anything Just to Win”….

The case arises from a tax appeal in Cumberland County.   The homeowners sought to lower their property taxes by establishing the true value of the home.  They were granted a modest reduction at the County Board hearing, as is typical.  Upon further appeal to the Tax Court, the stakes were obviously higher for both – the homeowner could have their assessment raised and the township could could see it lowered even further.   The town lost – big – because its expert changed his testimony to try and skew the facts.  The township took differing positions at the tax board and in Court.  The homeowner – without any background in real estate valuation at all – convinced the Court a shell game that was being played with the facts. Kula v Tp. of Downe

If you feel your real estate is over valued by the tax collector, please call for a free consultation.  Or at least do your homework as thoroughly as the Kulas did.

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