Educational Funding Company Sued For Continuing To Bill After Jiu Jitsu Contract Is Completed

Today, one of my clients sued the Educational Funding Company for a situation that occurs all too regularly.  She allowed her credit card to be billed$149 per month for a year’s worth of jiu jitsu classes her son was taking.  At the end of the year, they did not stop billing her.  Worse, it increased the charges.  When she disputed the charge with the credit card company, EFC responded that she agreed to the sum and was trying to get out of payment because she stopped taking lessons!!  Instead of reading the contract – even after she disputed the charges – EFC aggressively pursued the money to which it was not entitled.  We sued under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Consumer Fraud.  Here is the Contract, the Letter challenging the dispute  EFC sent to her credit card company after she made the dispute and the Lawsuit.  LESSON:  NEVER, EVER AGREE TO RECURRING PAYMENTS.  IF YOU CAN”T GET THEM TO STOP WITHOUT SUING, YOU MAY DESTROY YOUR CREDIT BEFORE YOU CAN CORRECT THE PROBLEM.

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