Another Pressler and Pressler Case Filed

This office has filed another case against Pressler and Pressler, along with their client Midland Funding LLC.  The case alleges the Pressler firm uses a collection letter that is confusing, misleading and deceptive.  The letter is written in an aggressive tone, demanding payment immediately payment and threatening “further action against you”.  However, it goes on to then claim that “no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account”.  What??  Aren’t lawyers supposed to know what they are writing about, you ask?  You are correct.  A federal judge said so  last summer in a case named Lesher v. Law Office of Mitchell Kay and held that lawyers sending letters about matters they claim to know nothing about was deceptive and misleading in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Did that stop Pressler?  No.  Then the Third Circuit upheld the Lesher case on appeal.  Here is the Pressler Letter, the Lesher decision and my client’s Lawsuit Against Pressler.

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