NJ Supreme Court Denies Our Adversary’s Request For Hearing

In Zagami, LLC, d/b/a The Landmark Americana Tape and Grill, d/b/a Landmark Liquors v. Cottrell, this firm prevailed in the appellate division (discussed below about 5 posts).  Our client, Ms. Cottrell, was being sued for exercising her free speech rights when she confronted Glassboro city council about the renewal of the Landmark’s liquor license.  On her behalf, we contended the litigation privilege protected her ability to address city council.  The appellate panel of Judges Marie Lihotz, Anthony Parrillo and Carmen Messano agreed and extended the litigation privilege to a liquor license hearing.  Essentially, citizens may speak freely in municipal hearings much like they can in court.  Our adversary had appealed to the New Jersey Supreme Court under the auspices of  “a business’ right to reputation needed to be protected, too”.  The New Jersey Supreme Court refused to hear the case by way of an Order dated February 4, 2009.  Congratulations, New Jersey citizens.  You continue to have civil rights, freedom of speech and the freedom to petition government.

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